Goldman Sachs launches bitcoin-related financial product

Goldman Sachs launches Bitcoin-related financial product

Goldman Sachs has repeatedly stood out recently for its bullish stance. Now the investment bankers are offering their clients another gateway into the Bitcoin world.

A planned financial product by Goldman Sachs has the potential to allow clients of the big bank to invest indirectly in Bitcoin. The financial institution filed the Crypto Engine corresponding application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 19 March.

The financial product is a so-called „linked note“. Such bonds are linked to other financial products – in this case an ETF. Interestingly, the Goldman Sachs note is linked to the ARK Innovation ETF, of all things, a fund that is intertwined with the Bitcoin economy.

An ETF for „disruptive innovation“

The Ark Innovation ETF (trading symbol: ARKK) has been in existence since 2013. The stated aim of the actively managed exchange-traded fund is to invest in technologies and companies with disruptive potential. For example, the ETF is interested in the energy sector, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and also FinTechs and cryptocurrencies. Goldman Sachs‘ SEC filing states:

The ETF may have exposure to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, indirectly through an investment in a grantor trust. The ETF’s exposure to cryptocurrencies may change over time and, accordingly, such exposure may not always be represented in the ETF’s portfolio.

What sounds like a purely hypothetical crypto exposure actually has a hand and foot. According to media reports, Ark Innovation holds shares in Grayscale. The world’s largest digital asset manager has a record amount of BTC in its Bitcoin Trust. Owners of the Goldman Sachs note thus profit from the crypto economy in a roundabout way.

Goldman Sachs sets its sights on Bitcoin

That the entry into the Bitcoin business is one of the motives for issuing the note cannot be denied. After all, no fully-fledged Bitcoin ETF has yet seen the light of day in the USA. Despite a considerable amount of applications, none of the proposed BTC exchange-traded funds have yet received approval from the SEC.

In this situation, Goldman Sachs has found a creative way to profit from rising Bitcoin prices on the exchange. The investment bank’s chief operating officer John Waldron recently proved that it is one of the proponents of cryptocurrency No. 1. In an interview, Waldron not only attested to an increased interest in Bitcoin among his own clients, he also promised to accommodate them. Since the beginning of March, Goldman Sachs clients have once again been able to trade BTC derivatives via the bank’s trading desk.

The recent attitude of Goldman Sachs is symptomatic of a general Bitcoin adoption among institutional investors. Morgan Stanley also announced its entry into the Bitcoin business last week. The major bank wants to enable its clients to invest in BTC funds. For this purpose, it is working together with the crypto company Galaxy Digital.

Hier ist der Grund, warum Altcoins fallen, wenn der Bitcoin-Preis näher an 50.000 US-Dollar heranrückt

Der Altcoin-Markt stürzte ab, als Bitcoin ein neues Allzeithoch erreichte und sich auf den Weg zu 50.000 US-Dollar machte.

Altcoins stürzte am 14. Februar stark ab, nachdem der Preis von Bitcoin ( BTC ) ein neues Allzeithoch über 49.000 USD erreicht hatte.

Der Zeitpunkt des Rückgangs des Altcoin-Marktes war bemerkenswert, da er korrigiert wurde, als sich der Crypto Trader erholte, was normalerweise nicht der Fall ist.

Warum genau stürzten Altcoins ab?

Es gibt zwei Hauptgründe, warum sich der Altcoin-Markt trotz der Stärke der dominierenden Kryptowährung zurückgezogen hat.

Erstens, als der Preis für Bitcoin auf ein neues Rekordhoch stieg, saugte er den größten Teil des Volumens auf dem Kryptowährungsmarkt ab. Dies führte natürlich dazu, dass der Markt in Richtung BTC schwankte und zum Rückzug von Altcoins beitrug.

Zweitens fiel Ether ( ETH ), das häufig die Dynamik des Altcoin-Marktes anführt, gegenüber Bitcoin stark.

Die Kombination dieser beiden Faktoren in Verbindung mit der Unsicherheit um Bitcoin bei einem Widerstandsniveau von 50.000 USD hat den Verkaufsdruck auf dem Altcoin-Markt verstärkt.

Ein pseudonymer Händler namens „Kaleo“ betonte, dass die Vorhersage der Bitcoin-Rallye auf 50.000 US-Dollar wohl unkompliziert sei.

Ob BTC jedoch über 50.000 USD hinausgeht, bleibt eine wichtige Frage, die die Richtung des kurzfristigen Preiszyklus des Kryptomarkts bestimmen würde. Er sagte :

„Dieser Schritt auf knapp 50.000 US-Dollar war unglaublich leicht zu erkennen. Die eigentliche Frage ist, was als nächstes passiert. Ich neige zu einer kurzen Konsolidierung und breche aus dem Bereich aus, bin aber unentschlossen. Wie lange wird es dauern? Wird es abgelehnt? Idk. „

Wenn sich Bitcoin zuerst konsolidiert, bevor es theoretisch aus 50.000 USD ausbricht, würde dieser Trend in absehbarer Zukunft wahrscheinlich Altcoins zugute kommen.

Während eines Bitcoin-Aufwärtstrends tendieren Altcoins dazu, zu steigen, wenn sich BTC nach einer anfänglichen Impulsrallye konsolidiert. Wenn sich BTC jedoch erholt oder einen leichten Rückgang verzeichnet, verzeichnen Altcoins häufig starke Preissenkungen sowohl gegenüber BTC als auch gegenüber dem US-Dollar.

Bitcoin ist vorerst bullisch, was für Alts hilfreich ist

Derzeit behält Bitcoin seine bullische Marktstruktur bei, was in absehbarer Zukunft den Verkaufsdruck auf den Altcoin-Markt etwas verringern würde.

Scott Melker, ein Kryptowährungshändler und Analyst, sagte, dass Bitcoin weiterhin aufeinanderfolgende Bullenflaggen sieht.

Stellar’s XLM increased by almost 150% in the last 7 days

XLM has increased by almost 150% in the past 7 days.

There is no specific announcement behind this price increase, although the announcement of OCC’s stablecoin may have been a factor.

With such high payouts, is the altcoin season here?

Has altcoin season arrived? It just might be. Stellar Lumens (XLM) has appreciated significantly over the past week.

Before the altcoin season begins, Bitcoin Evolution and Ethereum may need to experience drastic price increases. Bitcoin has already crossed $ 35,000 for the first time, and Ether has risen more than 50% last week.

Although number one and number two cryptocurrency stole the show, Stellar’s XLM token was by far the biggest winner of the week. Over the past seven days, XLM has risen by over 140%, increasing its price by over 90% in the past 24 hours alone.

According to CoinGecko , an online cryptocurrency market capitalization aggregator, this makes XLM the top performing cryptocurrency among the top 100 tokens.

What caused the recent surge in the price?

It is difficult to determine what made XLM take off, as there have been few announcements that point to such a massive increase in growth.

The US Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the largest US-based banking regulator, recently issued guidelines on banks using stablecoins for settlement. Some users think Stellar is uniquely positioned for adoption.

Since the ad does not point to any specific blockchain protocol, these users are only speculating.

What are Stellar and XLM?

The Stellar Network is a decentralized open-source protocol that allows cross-border transactions between any currency pair.

Its cryptocurrency, XLM, is a governance token that serves as a reward mechanism for users who help secure the network.

As the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market cap with a current valuation of nearly $ 9 billion (according to CoinGecko), the Stellar network is one of the biggest players in the blockchain space.

Managed by the Stellar Foundation, a non-profit supervisory board, Stellar seeks to position itself as an easy and accessible bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.

Since the creation of the Stellar network in 2015, the network has processed over 450 million unique transactions made by more than four million people.

Using Stellar’s open source and decentralized technology, small developers and gigantic conglomerates can leverage the network to potentially increase transaction efficiency.

Stellar seeks to continue its growth in mainstream adoption by offering users transactions with any currency on the blockchain. It’s unclear whether Stellar will increase at the astronomical rate it is currently following, but it may be a project to watch.

Crypto weekend: Il tetto massimo del mercato raggiunge i 900 miliardi di dollari di tutti i tempi

La capitalizzazione totale di mercato per il settore delle criptovalute ha raggiunto il massimo storico di oltre 900 miliardi di dollari, mentre i prezzi di Bitcoin ed Ethereum continuano a salire.

La cifra di poco più di 900 miliardi di dollari ha eclissato il massimo di gennaio 2018 di 830 miliardi di dollari, secondo i grafici di Coingecko.

Dallo stesso periodo dell’anno scorso, la capitalizzazione totale di mercato è aumentata del 367%, poiché l’investimento cripto-asset è stato in gran parte trainato da grandi fondi istituzionali.

Tre anni fa sono stati gli investitori al dettaglio e i trader a entrare in azione durante il boom dell’Initial Coin Offering (ICO), ma questa volta la situazione è molto diversa.

Bitcoin ed Ethereum stanno principalmente guidando lo slancio del mercato della crittovaluta, mentre i prezzi continuano a salire verso nuove pietre miliari.

Secondo, il Bitcoin sta attualmente scambiando un po‘ al di fuori del suo massimo storico di 34.500 dollari. Quel massimo monumentale è stato raggiunto domenica 3 gennaio, segnando un aumento del 72,5% rispetto al suo precedente picco di 20.000 dollari, che è stato raggiunto nel dicembre 2017.

Nelle ore successive, i prezzi si sono un po‘ raffreddati per negoziare a 32.290 dollari durante la sessione asiatica di lunedì mattina. Il picco record ha spinto la capitalizzazione di mercato di Bitcoin a 616 miliardi di dollari, il che la colloca tra le prime dieci aziende del pianeta, secondo

In termini di quota di mercato, la Bitcoin attualmente comanda appena sotto il 70%, dato che la maggior parte degli altcoin non ha ancora fatto grandi mosse, e la maggior parte di loro è ancora lontana dai propri massimi di tutti i tempi.

L’Ethereum è uno di quelli che si è sollevato oggi con una massiccia impennata dei prezzi, poiché per la prima volta in tre anni ha raggiunto le quattro cifre più alte.

I prezzi dell’ETH sono letteralmente decollati nelle ultime ore in una pompa monumentale a 1.050 dollari.

La grande mossa ha aggiunto oltre il 30% ai prezzi dell’Etereum in meno di 24 ore, mentre si avvia verso il suo massimo storico di poco più di 1.400 dollari.

Altri movimenti e scuotitori di criptovalute

Anche il resto del mercato delle criptovalute sta godendo dello slancio rialzista, dato che si sono viste grandi mosse anche con Litecoin, raggiungendo il prezzo più alto da aprile 2018 a 167 dollari. Inoltre, durante la settimana precedente, LTC è riuscita a superare XRP in una capitalizzazione di mercato per un breve periodo di tempo.

La pedina DOT di Polkadot si è finalmente svegliata dopo mesi di sonno per raggiungere il nuovo massimo storico di oltre 10 dollari, mentre il Cardano è salito del 27% fino a raggiungere 0,226 dollari. Anche il Chainlink sta dando buoni risultati, aggiungendo il 20% nel corso della giornata per raggiungere i 14,50 dollari, mentre l’XLM di Stellar sta ottenendo oggi un aumento del 16%.

Rimasto fuori è il token XRP di Ripple che è crollato in modo massiccio a seguito di una causa della SEC che ha accusato la società di un’offerta di titoli senza licenza.

Novogratz hopes for better crypto regulation with Joe Biden taking office

Moving to the Biden government could be beneficial for the crypto industry.

The US crypto industry is hoping for significantly improved regulation of cryptocurrencies after the upcoming change of government.

At least that’s what Mike Novogratz , the CEO of Galaxy Digital, speaks out for

Novogratz had made the corresponding statements on Christmas Eve in the CNBC program Squawk Box, initially pointing out that The News Spy is still very resistant to the current criticism from Washington:

“That shows us how strong the current upward trend really is […]. You keep trying to put obstacles in the way, but Bitcoin just keeps marching. “
However, legal clarity is required for the crypto industry to be successful in the long term. With regard to the change of government from Trump to Biden, Novogratz says:

„I hope that in 20 days we will see a changing of the guard that will bring us open-minded regulators.“
Donald Trump’s departure from the White House became a challenge for the crypto industry in the last few meters. Last week, for example, the authority to combat financial crime (FinCEN), which is subordinate to the Ministry of Finance, presented a draft law that makes interaction with “self-administered” crypto wallets more difficult. While the draft isn’t quite as drastic as previously expected, it could have significant implications for some crypto companies.

The fact that the authorities want to push through the planned law as quickly as possible can be seen from the fact that they only allowed 15 days for feedback .

Usually 60 days are common

At the same time, the American Securities and Exchange Commission has landed a violent blow against the crypto industry by suing the crypto payment service provider Ripple . The company’s own cryptocurrency is supposed to constitute a security, which would turn its sale into an unauthorized sale of securities.

The charge against Ripple is not a snap shot, however, but is based on long-term investigations and well-thought-out arguments (see below). If the court follows the authorities‘ deliberations, the trade of XRP could be banned entirely.

The 70-page SEC complaint against #Ripple is a teardown of breathtaking detail and scope. It’s not a petty or vindictive gesture: it’s a well-researched and well-articulated document that alleges a scheme of epic proportions.

Elon Musk se burla de Bitcoin, se llama a sí mismo ex CEO de Dogecoin

Musk cambió su perfil de Twitter a ex CEO de Dogecoin y dijo que Bitcoin es tan malo como el dinero fiduciario.

Elon Musk tuvo una interesante discusión con la comunidad de Bitcoin

El CEO de Tesla, Elon Musk tuvo una interesante discusión con la comunidad de Bitcoin en Twitter durante el fin de semana, ya que el empresario americano llamó a Cryptosoft tan inútil como el dinero fiduciario. También cambió su perfil de Twitter a „Ex CEO de Dogecoin“.

El precio de Dogecoin subió casi un 30% después del reciente anuncio de Musk. Además, elogió la criptocurrencia twitteando „Una palabra“: Doge“. Musk expuso su postura sobre Bitcoin y mencionó que Bitcoin es su palabra segura, pero más tarde twiteó „Sólo bromeo, quién necesita una palabra segura de todos modos“.

El CEO de SpaceX tuvo una interesante discusión con el Fundador de MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor sobre la posibilidad de convertir el balance de Tesla a Bitcoin. Musk preguntó a Saylor sobre el traslado de grandes transacciones en la red de Bitcoin.

Musk se burló de la comunidad de Bitcoin con tweets mixtos, parecía curioso sobre la red de Bitcoin pero más tarde criticó a BTC y lo calificó como algo tan malo como el dinero fiduciario. En 2019, Musk negó completamente los rumores sobre la participación de Tesla en Bitcoin.

A pesar de algunas críticas de Musk, el precio de Bitcoin se mantuvo estable durante el fin de semana.

Musk y Bitcoin

El fundador de Tesla expresó su preocupación por las estafas relacionadas con Bitcoin en el pasado. „El nivel de estafa criptográfica en Twitter está alcanzando nuevos niveles, y no es genial“, mencionó Musk en un tweet a principios de este año. Musk dejó a la comunidad criptográfica adivinando con sus recientes comentarios sobre Bitcoin y el aparente apoyo a la criptocracia Dogecoin.

El precio de Bitcoin está actualmente rondando los 24.000 dólares, ya que la mayor criptografía del mundo superó los 20.000 dólares la semana pasada. La reciente adopción institucional por parte de las principales empresas de Wall Street ayudó a la recuperación de la BTC.

Saylor preguntó a Musk si quiere convertir su balance de Tesla de USD a Bitcoin. „Si quiere hacer a sus accionistas un favor de 100 mil millones de dólares, convierta el balance de Tesla de USD a BTC. Otras firmas en el S&P 500 seguirían su ejemplo y con el tiempo crecería hasta convertirse en un favor de 1 trillón de dólares“, Saylor twiteó el domingo.

Denne Bitcoin-tilførselsmetoden signaliserer et stort langsiktig bullish rally

Hvis du trodde at Bitcoin-bølgen var over, kan de nye beregningene kreve at du tenker igjen. Pristoppen på $ 19850 er ikke testet på nytt, men på lang sikt antyder nye beregninger et lovende nytt år. Analysedataplattform på kjeden CryptoQuant er tilbake med bullish data om Bitcoin. Fra og med denne uken har den gjennomsnittlige tilstrømningen til børsene nådd en høyde på åtte måneder, dette ble sist sett i mars da tilstrømningen traff sitt laveste.

I følge dataene er dette en langsiktig bullish indikator for Bitcoin. Som forklart av CryptoQuant, kjører hval på baksiden av detaljistinvestorer ved å sette store mengder Bitcoin Era i børser, men med det ene formål å lagre. Strategien er imidlertid å selge de lagrede Bitcoins når detaljinvestorenes transaksjonsaktiviteter blir varmet på børser.

“Hval har nytte av detaljistinvestorer. Ironisk nok, hvis du ser den lave rammen, er Exchange inflow Mean et bullish signal. Hvaler setter inn til børser, men de selger ikke BTC. Tiden de selger mynter er når detaljistinvestorer er aktive på børser. ”




– Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) 9. desember 2020
Å legge til at dette er en relevant validator for „buy-the-dip“ -konseptet, som CryptoQuant-data sier;

“Signalet kan også brukes som en buy-the-dip-indikator. Hvaler setter inn BTC for å bytte mye etter stupet, men til slutt innser de at det er for lav pris å selge BTC. “ Henvisningen til å kjøpe dip kunne ikke ha kommet på et bedre tidspunkt hvis du har fulgt markedssentimentene den siste måneden.

Vanligvis er bjørnemarkeder gunstige på lang sikt fordi et marked spretter tilbake psykologisk. For Bitcoin, som fremdeles ennå ikke mister dampen i markedet så langt som usikkerhet, kan enhver nedadgående trend være et strategisk inngangspunkt for handelsmenn.

Denne Bitcoin-tilførselsmetoden signaliserer et stort langsiktig bullish rally
BTCUSD-diagram av TradingView
Med Bitcoins nåværende pris på $ 18,100 kan en dukkert sende BTC som henger under prismerket på $ 17.000, dette kan føre til at kjøpere selger myntene sine lenger nede i veien, og dette kan utvide inngangspunktet for vedvarende handelsmenn og investorer.



– Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) 9. desember 2020
Etter at Bitcoin dyppet, blir markedsmanipulering oppfattet, og nye data antyder at en avgang foregår. Starter med markedsaktiviteter i markedet, har Bitcoin miners ‚indeksposisjon nådd en ny treårig høyde, dette er resultatet av gruvearbeidere som angivelig solgte sine Bitcoins til OTC-markeder eller børser. Spekulasjoner fra kommentatorens hint om at dette kan inspirere milde bearish trender ettersom institusjonelle investorer er kundene.

Samfunnsmedlemmer spekulerer i alt fra fremtidig markedsmanipulering til en mulig endring i markedsdynamikken på grunn av institusjonell investeringsinteresse. Analytikeren WhalePanda delte også sitt syn på dette emnet.

Old but beautiful: Bitcoin and Ethereum at laBITconf 2020

During the second day of laBITconf 2020, Bitcoin and Ethereum were in a central theme within an interesting panel.

We continue with the coverage of laBITconf 2020. In this opportunity, we will tell you the highlights of the panel led by Anthony Di Iorio, Brock Pierce, Charlie Shrem and Rodolfo Andragnes, called: „Old but beautiful“. In it they spoke about the benefits and the transformation that the main cryptosystems of the market have provided to the economy. How is Crypto Genius review and Ethereum.

The panelists, expressed that since 2008, the crypto currencies have opened a different alternative for investment and business. Likewise, they highlighted that crypto currencies like Bitcoin, allowed many to think of the digital era as their „income salvation“. Without being affected by external situations.

They also mentioned, that, currently, millions of people prefer to safeguard their income in the wallet of this crypto currency. Why? Because they know that the value of this virtual currency does not depend on the opinion of an official body. On the contrary, its value is based on the „supply and demand“ of the users themselves who handle it.
laBITconf 2020: „Old but beautiful

Is mass adoption of Bitcoin possible?

Bitcoin the lifesaver against any crisis?

For their part, they commented a little on the crisis currently caused by COVID-19 and how the economy has been affected by it. Rescuing the benefits that cryptosystems like Bitcoin and Ethereum can offer in the face of crises like these.

They highlighted that, in fact, it’s time to see Bitcoin as the excellent alternative that it is for society. Assuring that this virtual currency will be the main protector of our capital in the face of the unevenness of the global financial system. For that is the main reason for its creation.

Anthony Di Iorio

Over three decades Anthony Di Iorio has launched more than 10 companies. He has invested tens of millions of dollars in numerous industries, including the block chain.

Di lorio expressed in the laBITconf 2020 speech that he sees virtual currencies as the axis of a revolution that has transformed and will transform the way we live. The main virtue of „crypto“, a common abbreviation for virtual currencies, may lie in their ability to safeguard the user’s identity.

He also commented that, the revolution will spread through the business world, including politics. „Technology will provide new forms of governance, new ways to eliminate voting fraud. I am in favor of personal freedom. You should be able to do what you want as long as you’re not targeting anyone,“ he said.

Much of the excitement around cryptomonies today centers on Ethereum, where, as an early investor, Di Iorio made a lot of money

For his part, he said that much of the excitement around cryptomonies today is centered on Ethereum, where, as an early investor, Di Iorio made a lot of money.

While Bitcoin is remarkably good at financial transactions, Ethereum, first proposed in 2013, has a rich programming language. That can make possible a wider range of applications. The enthusiasm is spreading.

For his part, Charlie Shrem is the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, which coincided with the arrival of Bitcoin and later other crypto currencies. The world economy began to change.

Today, digital currencies are „taking the pulse“ of traditional currencies. Impacting the global financial system and presenting themselves as the possible currencies of the future.

He added that crypto-currencies have made a niche for themselves in society. And, today, there are many users who make use of these currencies to maintain their own capital. And, thus, avoid possible setbacks that may arise within the global economic system.

Apart from all this, we must also take into account that crypto-currencies present multiple benefits with respect to traditional currencies.

„What this means is that we are not subject to any kind of commission, which is what banks usually do in order to carry out transfers. Therefore, with these digital currencies, we will not need any kind of intermediary, which makes it easier to make any movement,“ he added.

Although crypto-currencies are currencies that have relatively little time to live, experts assure that their impact on the world economy will be increasingly strong as the years go by.

Bitcoin-Preis setzt neues Hoch über $16.100 fest – Ist der Makrozyklus bestätigt? (BTC-Analyse)

Die Bitcoin-Bullen sind heute mit voller Wucht zurückgekehrt und haben den Spitzenkrypto auf ein neues Hoch von 16.177 $ getrieben – ein Preis, den es seit 2017 nicht mehr gegeben hat! Der globale Krypto-Markt stieg während des Anstiegs kurzzeitig wieder auf über 460 Milliarden Dollar, als 12 Milliarden Dollar wieder in den Raum geflossen sind.

Trotz des starken Verkaufsdrucks auf diesem neuen Niveau ist der Optimismus anderer branchenführender Händler groß, dass Bitcoin Billionaire offiziell in einen neuen Makrozyklus eingetreten ist. Laut PlanB, dem Erfinder des beliebten Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow-Modells, bedeutet diese jüngste Pumpe oberhalb der 16.000-Dollar-Schwelle, dass die BTC weiterhin auf dem Weg ist, 100.000 Dollar pro Münze zu erreichen.

Kurzfristig zu beobachtende Preisniveaus

Auf der 4-Stunden-Chart BTC/USD ist zu erkennen, dass der Vermögenswert aus dem zinsbullisch aufsteigenden Dreieck ausgebrochen ist und sich derzeit auf den früheren Widerstand zurückwirft und neue Unterstützung findet. Hoffentlich können zinsbullische Händler an diesem Niveau festhalten und sich wieder aufladen, bevor sie einen zweiten Aufschwung zurück zum neuen Hoch starten.

Zu den Hauptwiderständen, die im Moment dem Fortschritt der Bitcoin-Münze im Wege stehen, gehören die $15.970 und die Hauptwiderstandszone (rot) zwischen $16.150 und $16.250.

Über diesen Zielen haben wir auch weitere starke tägliche Widerstände um 16.475 $, 16.660 $ und die nächste psychologische Ebene bei 17.000 $.

Sollten zinsbullische Händler jedoch nicht an der aktuellen Unterstützung festhalten und die Kurse wieder in das aufsteigende Dreiecksmuster zurückfallen, dann werden wir zunächst auf die Unterstützung bei $15.600 schauen, um die Kurse gegen einen weiteren Rückgang zu stützen.

Von dort aus haben wir eine Unterstützungszone mit niedrigerem Stellenwert (grüner Balken) um die $15.470-Marke

Darunter haben wir auch eine zweite wichtige Unterstützungszone um 15.145 $, die sich mit der 50-EMA (blaue Linie) überschneidet.

Beim RSI würden wir gerne sehen, dass die BTC ein neues Hoch über 65 ausgibt, um zu bestätigen, dass das neue Momentum echt ist und nicht nur eine vorübergehende Pumpe. Im Moment ist er über den abwärtsgerichteten Widerstand (gelbe Linie) gebrochen, beginnt aber seitwärts zu drücken.

  • Gesamtmarktkapital: $461 Milliarden
  • Bitcoin-Marktkapital: 293 Milliarden Dollar
  • Bitcoin-Dominanz: 63,6%

Qu’est-ce qu’une pièce de monnaie électronique et comment fonctionne-t-elle ?

Qu’est-ce qu’une pièce de monnaie électronique et comment fonctionne-t-elle ?

Découvrez ce qu’est Filecoin, comment il fonctionne et pourquoi un réseau décentralisé de partage de fichiers est si important.

Si vous avez du mal à vous faire à l’idée de Filecoin, n’ayez crainte. Bien qu’il y ait beaucoup à apprendre sur le service de partage de fichiers décentralisé, nous avons rassemblé tout cela dans une simple vidéo explicative, que vous pouvez consulter ci-dessous.

En bref, Filecoin est un protocole décentralisé qui permet à quiconque de louer Crypto Code un espace de stockage sur son ordinateur. De même, n’importe qui peut acheter de l’espace de stockage sur le réseau.

En permettant à n’importe qui dans le monde de rejoindre le réseau, il peut créer une énorme source de stockage de données. Comme de plus en plus de systèmes s’informatisent, il sera nécessaire de répondre à l’augmentation de la demande. Et l’entreprise et sa communauté ont répondu à cette demande.

Depuis le lancement du réseau principal en octobre 2020, la puissance totale de stockage du réseau Filecoin a dépassé 1 EiB (exbibyte), soit plus de 1,1 million de TB (téraoctet). En comparaison, Twitter produit environ 4,3 pétaoctets par an, soit 0,0043 exabytes. La société de données Zeenea a estimé en mars 2019 que Netflix stockait 60 pétaoctets de films et d’émissions de télévision, soit six pour cent de la capacité actuelle de Filecoin.

Donc, un exabyte représente beaucoup de stockage.

Pourquoi Filecoin est-il important ?

En ce moment, vous et des centaines de millions de personnes comme vous accédez à du contenu stocké sur Internet grâce à une poignée de fournisseurs de stockage dans le nuage. Le plus important est Amazon Web Services (AWS) qui détient actuellement 32 % de parts de marché, tandis que Azure de Microsoft en détient 19 %.

C’est un problème, surtout lorsque le service souffre de pannes, comme cela s’est produit récemment. Il y a aussi le problème de la concurrence. Le gouvernement américain a récemment terminé un rapport de 16 mois qui montre que des entreprises comme Amazon ont utilisé à plusieurs reprises leur taille pour étouffer l’innovation, écraser la concurrence et utiliser la communauté des logiciels libres pour augmenter encore leurs profits.

Comme ces services centralisés sont devenus un élément de plus en plus critique de notre vie en ligne, le besoin d’alternatives devient de plus en plus important. C’est là qu’intervient Filecoin.

Grâce à sa nature décentralisée, le pouvoir du réseau réside dans sa communauté. Ce n’est pas Filecoin lui-même qui est le gardien du stockage, mais la communauté.

En créant une place de marché pour les acheteurs et les stockistes, considérez la comme un Airbnb pour le stockage, elle réduit la dépendance vis-à-vis des entreprises centralisées du monde du Web 2.0 et offre un aperçu de ce à quoi pourrait ressembler un monde du Web 3.