Old but beautiful: Bitcoin and Ethereum at laBITconf 2020

During the second day of laBITconf 2020, Bitcoin and Ethereum were in a central theme within an interesting panel.

We continue with the coverage of laBITconf 2020. In this opportunity, we will tell you the highlights of the panel led by Anthony Di Iorio, Brock Pierce, Charlie Shrem and Rodolfo Andragnes, called: „Old but beautiful“. In it they spoke about the benefits and the transformation that the main cryptosystems of the market have provided to the economy. How is Crypto Genius review and Ethereum.

The panelists, expressed that since 2008, the crypto currencies have opened a different alternative for investment and business. Likewise, they highlighted that crypto currencies like Bitcoin, allowed many to think of the digital era as their „income salvation“. Without being affected by external situations.

They also mentioned, that, currently, millions of people prefer to safeguard their income in the wallet of this crypto currency. Why? Because they know that the value of this virtual currency does not depend on the opinion of an official body. On the contrary, its value is based on the „supply and demand“ of the users themselves who handle it.
laBITconf 2020: „Old but beautiful

Is mass adoption of Bitcoin possible?

Bitcoin the lifesaver against any crisis?

For their part, they commented a little on the crisis currently caused by COVID-19 and how the economy has been affected by it. Rescuing the benefits that cryptosystems like Bitcoin and Ethereum can offer in the face of crises like these.

They highlighted that, in fact, it’s time to see Bitcoin as the excellent alternative that it is for society. Assuring that this virtual currency will be the main protector of our capital in the face of the unevenness of the global financial system. For that is the main reason for its creation.

Anthony Di Iorio

Over three decades Anthony Di Iorio has launched more than 10 companies. He has invested tens of millions of dollars in numerous industries, including the block chain.

Di lorio expressed in the laBITconf 2020 speech that he sees virtual currencies as the axis of a revolution that has transformed and will transform the way we live. The main virtue of „crypto“, a common abbreviation for virtual currencies, may lie in their ability to safeguard the user’s identity.

He also commented that, the revolution will spread through the business world, including politics. „Technology will provide new forms of governance, new ways to eliminate voting fraud. I am in favor of personal freedom. You should be able to do what you want as long as you’re not targeting anyone,“ he said.

Much of the excitement around cryptomonies today centers on Ethereum, where, as an early investor, Di Iorio made a lot of money

For his part, he said that much of the excitement around cryptomonies today is centered on Ethereum, where, as an early investor, Di Iorio made a lot of money.

While Bitcoin is remarkably good at financial transactions, Ethereum, first proposed in 2013, has a rich programming language. That can make possible a wider range of applications. The enthusiasm is spreading.

For his part, Charlie Shrem is the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, which coincided with the arrival of Bitcoin and later other crypto currencies. The world economy began to change.

Today, digital currencies are „taking the pulse“ of traditional currencies. Impacting the global financial system and presenting themselves as the possible currencies of the future.

He added that crypto-currencies have made a niche for themselves in society. And, today, there are many users who make use of these currencies to maintain their own capital. And, thus, avoid possible setbacks that may arise within the global economic system.

Apart from all this, we must also take into account that crypto-currencies present multiple benefits with respect to traditional currencies.

„What this means is that we are not subject to any kind of commission, which is what banks usually do in order to carry out transfers. Therefore, with these digital currencies, we will not need any kind of intermediary, which makes it easier to make any movement,“ he added.

Although crypto-currencies are currencies that have relatively little time to live, experts assure that their impact on the world economy will be increasingly strong as the years go by.